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Geo-Targeting is a DRM(digital rights management) service designed to secure content based on geographic locale. Streams can be locked to allow or disallow specific countries, or cities.

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StreamGuys offers a wide range of consulting services based on the needs of the client. We provide everything from advising on global distribution, to virtual cluster set ups and enterprise level Disaster Recovery.

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System Administration

StreamGuys' own expert system administrators can serve as an extended IT department to your organization, on or off network, and for when you need help administering your own servers and systems.

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Load Balancing

High availability, mission critical streaming, and content delivery calls for redundancy and a scalable infrastructure. So, how do we accomplish this?

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Cachefly's® anycast technology delivers customer content from the internet's major peering locations, providing customers with a significant performance increase.

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Architecture & Planning

StreamGuys is here to help with all your support needs with regard to planning and implementing new services that you desire. Got an idea? We can help make it work.

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